Hunting for Elk, Mule Deer, and Other Large Game

Vallecito lake Outfitters operates in game unit #751 and can provide game packing for Game unit 75 and 77. We are extremely service orientated and while we primarily hunt Elk and Mule deer, this area is home to numerous  other big game species including moose, black bear, big horn sheep and goats. We offer non-guided camps and drop camp trips for archery, muzzle load and rifle seasons. We provide rifle hunts for 1st and 2nd seasons only.

These are tent camps located on the San Juan National Forest in the Weminuche wilderness. Over the years, this area has had a high rate of success with both Elk and Mule Deer. Our camps sit at altitudes from 9500 feet to 11200 feet.
These camps are set prior to your arrival and include wall tents, sleeping cots, heating stove, cooking stove, complete kitchen and utensils. Ax, hatchet, shovel, saw, lanterns and latrine. You need to supply your own food, sleeping bag and pad, paper goods, soap, water filter, personal and hunting gear. We will gladly advise you on what you may need.
This trip includes transportation in and out which includes 1 riding horse and 1 pack mule per hunter. Extra mules are available at an additional cost per day. We do not leave any stock in camp. Game packing is extra per pack mule and wrangler per day. 6 nights in camp.

In our camps we strive to have the best equipment, solid gentle mountain horses and mules, we attempt to keep our riders under #220. We ask that you pack your gear in small bags 12” by 20” or smaller, 1 mule will carry 140 pounds. We advise that you provide a satellite phone or texting device.

This type camp is when we pack your gear and equipment  to a camp site of your choice, or we will suggest one for you. We supply riding horses, pack Mules, wranglers on a per animal per day cost. Game packing is available at anytime for an additional cost. We advise that you provide a satellite phone or texting device.

We ask that you contact us early in the year, we usually fill up by mid June. The deadline for special hunts is the first tuesday in April. Please feel free to call at anytime with questions, we enjoy this as much as you do, Hunting is our life!
Vallecito Lake Outfitters has been operating in this area since 1946. We are a licensed Colorado Outfitter #3196. We are fully bonded and insured. Most importantly we want you to have an enjoyable hunt and time in these beautiful mountains.


Vallecito Lake Outfitters, LLC is a licensed Colorado Outfitter #2909, member of the Durango and Vallecito Lake Chamber of Commerce, operating under San Juan National Forest Permit. Bonded and Insured.

We subscribe to the highest code of hunter ethics and guide conduct.

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